VisasDirect Emergency Document Service

VisasDirect understands the importance of keeping your passports and visas secure. If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, the cost and hassle of replacing these travel documents can be overwhelming. VisasDirect offers all customers our Emergency Document Service and assures you the replacement of your valid visas and passport will be given top priority.

VisasDirect will assist you with the replacement of your passport however, we are unable to request a passport on your behalf as the Australian Government only allows personal passport applications directly with the Australian Passport Office or Australia Post. We do however have many years of experience in the visa and passport industry and this has given us the knowledge and network to easily assist you to obtain your new travel documents.

VisasDirect recommends that all travellers take advantage of VisasDirect Emergency Document Service. You can purchase VisasDirect Emergency Document Service at a fee of $32 plus GST per person. VisasDirect will cover all Australian passport replacement costs and valid visas obtained by VisasDirect to a maximum value of $500 per person.

Conditions VisasDirect Emergency Document Service

The emergency service will be applied when:

  • You have enrolled in the VisasDirect Emergency Document Service
  • Your visa/s were obtained by VisasDirect
  • The visa is still valid for travel (e.g. multiple entry visas)
  • A passport is lost, stolen or damaged from the moment you have received your passport back until the expiration of your visa
  • You are able to show proof that your passport is lost, stolen or damaged (e.g. police report)

Need to Make a Claim?

If you purchased VisasDirect Emergency Document Service and your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged, you should call +61 3 9673 1500 or email [email protected] to make a claim.

  1. Notify VisasDirect. Ensure you have your order number (prefixed with a Z) or your invoice number ready. On determining if assistance is possible we will email you a personalised application pack detailing next steps and relevant forms and requirements. You will be required to provide a police report confirming your passport has been lost, stolen or damaged.
  2. Send the completed forms to VisasDirect. Prior to sending your applications to VisasDirect, ensure you retain a copy for your records whilst sending the originals to a VisasDirect office.
  3. VisasDirect will provide you with your visa order status. As soon as we receive your application we will begin processing your request by securing the fastest processing time to replace the lost visas. You will receive a confirmation of receipt email with a link to our online tracking tool

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The VisasDirect global team of travel visa and passport specialists is committed to providing our customers and clients with the highest level of personal attention and professional service. VisasDirect is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to obtain travel visas and passports.